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Physical tree wound Repair

By Albert Ntokozo BMJ services · Jan 2, 2021
Physical tree wound Repair picture

Physical  Repair

  • Tree wounds often appear ragged where the bark is torn during the injury
  • This is common during branch breakage and when the trunk of the tree has been scraped 
  • To repair this type of damage,cut off any ragged bark edges with a sharp knife.
  • Take care not to remove any healthy bark and expose more live tissue than necessary 
  • If possible,the wound should be shaped like and elongated oval,with the long axis running vertically along the tree trunk or limb
  • All bark around the wound should be tight 
  • Call Albert on cell 0717302298 for tree inspection before you cut down your lovely tree 
  • He will determine whether you leave it to your tree 
  • Then if it is healing and the decayed area is small,there is a chance that it will seal over the rotting wound 
  • As it naturally grows new wood 
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